04.04.2022 — Felix

Watch Dutch Student Masters

Watching the Masters is nice. Playing the Dutch Student Masters is awesome. Let’s start in the middle.

Dutch student masters 2019

With the Dutch Student Masters kicking off the Unigolftour 2022 in about a month and the Masters happening this week and making us all twitchy about getting out and playing, let’s look at some past editions of what is certainly going to be an absolute banger this year.


This certainly gives you a taste of what the Dutch Student Masters is all about: a huge pile of euphoric students from both the Netherlands and Germany, all of them obsessed with golf, an incredible day out on the course filled with wacky special prizes and surprises, and a night out on Stratumseind, the Netherlands’ largest pub street, probably kicking off the action at lovely Café La Route which sort of is E.S.G.V. de Club’s unofficial clubhouse.


Just a very brief moment from after the tournament as we’re playing for two bottles of Schrobbelèr. Find out what this local liqueur tastes like by simply playing the Dutch Student Masters 2022. At some point of the day you’ll encounter it. You sure will.


This year’s edition will be played at Golf de Gulbergen, a beautiful and surprisingly hilly course east of Eindhoven. Seriously, having the whole place buzzing with students is just an unbeatable way to experience it. If you’re studying and playing golf, the Dutch Student Masters is not to be missed and frankly the very best reason to pop over to the Netherlands next month, rock some golf and make some friends. Make this trip, you’ll love it.

Wir wollen nur spielen.