14.01.2022 — Felix

Dutch Student Masters 2022 set for 14 May

Join us for the biggest collegiate golf tournament in the Netherlands.

Dutch Student Masters

Foto von Felix Naumann

Eindhoven is awesome

It is quite simply a spectacular thing to head over to Eindhoven and join the fine folks of E.S.G.V. de Club for what has evolved into the biggest collegiate tournament of the Netherlands.

Eindhoven’s energy about the whole thing is second to none. You’ll see evidence of this in the overall hospitality, wacky special competitions and one of the most dressed up evening functions in Unigolftour history. Plus, E.S.G.V. de Club, Eindhoven’s collegiate golf association, has its unofficial home in one of the many bars on Stratumseind, the largest pub-street in the Netherlands. This place is awesome in itself, now imagine going there with one of the biggest fields in collegiate golf, all still high on coming off a great tournament day on the course.

Make the most of it

Yes, we highly suggest you join this mad thing. No question about it. So here comes some additional guidance to make the very most of it.

  • Bring something to dress up for the evening function. This could go as high as evening dress for the girls and suit for the guys. E.S.G.V. de Club has their own edition of ties, this should tell you everything.
  • Stay until Sunday. It’s really always better to stay for the night after a tournament on the Unigolftour, particularly for the Dutch Student Masters. The buzz is incredible, you just don’t want to miss this. Get a hotel, share an Airbnb with other players or see if a local is so kind as to host.
  • Ungroup. If you travel to Eindhoven with fellow students, make sure you don’t play the tournament together. That’s your best chance to mingle with players from the Netherlands during the game, setting you up to meet even more of them during the evening function and probably calling the whole field your friends once you’re drunk on Stratumseind.

Highly recommended

If you’ve played the Dutch Student Masters before, note that the club has changed. With the 2021 edition, the tournament moved to the surprisingly hilly Golf de Gulbergen east of Eindhoven. It’s an awesome course with delightfully different holes and spectacular views.

The fee includes a very nice dinner at the club and even some food and beverages for the round. Again, making this trip in May is highly, highly recommended.

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