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Dutch Student Masters 2020 cancelled

The Dutch Student Masters 2020 in Eindhoven, scheduled for Saturday, 24 October, have just been cancelled.

Dutch Student Masters 24 Oktober 2020 Eindhoven cancelled

The Netherlands introduced a new set of stricter measures against its battle against COVID-19 yesterday. Those measures drastically affect the amount of households permitted in groups in general as well as competitions in amateur sport. In short, they render the Dutch Student Masters 2020 impossible.

If you are affected by the cancellation, please be in touch with the organizing body E.S.G.V. de Club, who have informed you about the cancellation via email today. The overall rankings of the Unigolftour won’t be affected, as we already had to respond to the changing situation in the Netherlands earlier this week.

As sad as this news is, what is worse is the underlying condition that required the Netherlands to intensify their actions. The virus is spreading, the numbers are up, we’re back to very serious.

We’re therefore sending our best wishes to all our golfing friends over in the Netherlands and their households and bubbles as well. We know the Dutch Student Masters would have been a blast. However, staying safe may turn out to be an even bigger blast in the long run. Your rock!

Let this also serve as an extremely clear reminder to us in Germany to be insanely cautious with the two remaining tournaments, the Bavaria Open and the Chemnitzer Uni Pokal. We expect any participant to follow the guidelines of the venue and the responsible authorities uncompromisingly. Everyone’s health and safety is paramount. As great as a hug with another Unigolftourist feels (and it’s been a while for some of us), this is not the time. Business as usual is no longer appropriate. Always keep the minimum distance of 1,5 meters, don’t carpool with other households, wear a mask where appropriate, wash your hands regularly and be aware: Just because something has been like that the last time doesn’t mean it works today.

Let’s all care for each other, stay safe and stay healthy.

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