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Dutch Student Masters won’t be the final of the Unigolftour 2020

The tournament is still scheduled for Saturday, 24 October, but due to the North Brabant region being categorized as risk area for Germany, we had to change our plans. Please read the whole article. This also affects the final prize giving ceremony.

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Everyone’s health and safety is paramount for us. Although golf as a sport is perfectly compatible with measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, for the Unigolftour – and the hint’s really in the name of the project – there’s always travel involved. We were looking forward so much to Eindhoven as our first ever final in the Netherlands. However, we simply don’t want to encourage travel to a region categorized as risk area.

Although we hope that numbers will sooner than later trigger revoking that risk area status for North Brabant, we want to avoid relying purely on last-minute action. That’s why we’ve coordinated with Eindhoven, and that’s why we’re pulling the plug right now. It’s a pain in the ass, but we’re convinced it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So let’s go through the situation with a little FAQ, as this is most likely to cover everything. Let us know if we’re missing something in the comments, we’ll add asap.


Will the Dutch Student Masters be the final of the Unigolftour 2020?
No. As the region of North Brabant has been declared a risk area for Germany, the Dutch Student Masters won’t be the final of the Unigolftour 2020.


Will the tournament still take place?
Yes. As per today, the tournament is still scheduled for 24 October.


Can I still take part in the tournament?
Yes. Please carefully consider the Federal Foreign Office’s travel warnings though when planning to do so and map out potential consequences. Note that although it may feel very different to you and everyone of us, a golf tournament doesn’t qualify as essential travel.


Will the points count towards the Unigolftour rankings?
No. None of the points played in the Dutch Student Masters will count towards the Unigolftour rankings.


Will Chemnitz be the final instead?
Yes and no. Yes as in being the last tournament in the 2020 season. No as in containing a prize giving ceremony for the Unigolftour.


So what will the final prize giving ceremony be like?
We’ll do it digitally on 25 October from 8–9pm (20–21). As winners can pick from a pool of prizes, it’s essential that winners are present during the prize giving ceremony to claim a prize. Winners not present during the prize giving ceremony won’t be able to claim a prize. Additionally, winners must have played two or more tournaments during the 2020 season to be eligible to claim a prize. This is also applicable for the university ranking.


If I cancel my registration for the Dutch Student Masters, will my fee be refunded?
Yes, if you do so before the registration deadline on 17 October by sending an email to with your full name, asking to cancel your registration/subscription. E.S.G.V. de Club will make sure to sort things swiftly. If you haven’t paid yet and wish to cancel, please also get in touch via to let them know about your plans.

A few general suggestions.

  • Be considerate during all remaining Unigolftour tournaments and respect all measures against the COVID-19 pandemic wholeheartedly, especially those implemented at the golf clubs involved.
  • Do not car pool with other households.
  • Do not stay over in other households if measures against the COVID-19 pandemic can’t be respected.

This article has been published in English to provide maximum transparency for our dear friends over in the Netherlands – particularly the ones at E.S.G.V. de Club, who we once more celebrate for their awesome cooperation in these difficult times.

Be good. Stay safe.

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