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TU Chemnitz leads after Dutch Student Masters 2019

With four players from the TU Chemnitz in the field of the Dutch Student Masters 2019, played at BurgGolf Gendersteyn Veldhoven close to Eindhoven, there simply was no question who would be leading after our first tourney.

Unigolftour 2019 – Dutch Student Masters, Eindhoven

Fun fact: Eindhoven is home to the largest pub-street in the Netherlands. Everybody who has ever played the Dutch Student Masters learned that the hard way.

Check out the full leaderboards!

» Brutto (Gross)
» Netto (Net)
» Universität (university)

Congrats to Julian, Leon, Lukas und Philipp for moving TU Chemnitz in the top spot. Big thanks to ESGV de Club for having us and putting on a massive show to kick off the season. Love you guys!

There’s also a film in the edit, but this may take another while.

Next up: Berlin to the three!

» Motzen Student Masters III, 19 June, register now
» Phöbener Universitäts Cup, 20 June, register now
» BHM Open Golf, 21 June, register now

See you there!

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