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Registration for the Dutch Student Masters 2019 is now open

See you in Eindhoven on Saturday, 11 May 2019! Check out the basics on the tournament page, read some additional fun facts in the Tourblog and register today to make sure you’re part of the first Unigolftour tournament of the new season. Oh, and one more thing before you do so.

DM17 Okay let’s go!

As we already mentioned over here some collegiate tourneys in the Netherlands work as networking and even recruiting platforms for their sponsors. I mean… successful students and decent golfers, that’s about the two things human resources seek to tick off for any new talent. To gain some basic facts straight about the participating potential those sponsors do however ask for a cv. We’d strongly suggest to use this request as a chance to (1) update your current cv as you’ll be doing it anyways sooner or later, (2) create an English version as well and (3) submit that – and who knows, maybe you’ll walk out of the BurgGolf Gendersteyn clubhouse (4) in a gown or suit, (5) slightly influenced by the evening’s selection of adult beverages, (6) carrying a substantial prize in your arms and (7) a rather exciting job interview in your calendar.

You can submit the updated cv (PDF) during registration or at a later date to secure your spot in the tourney now. We do however encourage you to submit that updated cv in time. (Partly because not submitting it may result in an extra 10 EUR fee or not being allowed to tee off and you don’t really get to chose which one it is, that’s basically down to random person’s mood that day so we also encourage you not to tempt fate.) So, head over directly to the registration now and we’re already looking forward to welcoming you to your last Unigolftour tournament in your old job.

register now

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