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Registration for Dutch Student Masters 2019 starts on Monday, 18 March

We’ve made it! We survived yet another winter and are just a day away from the first tourney registration opening – which is awesome! So, time to pat each other on the back, maybe a hug, congratulate each other on how we’ve made it through returning all those christmas presents, coping with the impossibly tight January budget and resisting yet again to compensate a certain lack of training with throwing piles of money at new equipment. Well done everyone, well done. So here… we… go!

Dutch Student Masters 2017: missed the putt

» more images from the Dutch Student Masters 2017

The 2019 Unigolftour season opens with the Dutch Student Masters in Eindhoven on Saturday, 11 May, registration starts somewhen this Monday. We’ll add the link on the tournament page once it’s available. Note a few things about the tourney:

  • accomodation – Our dear friends at ESGV de club offer to organize private accomodation for the tourney. Let them know your travel plans in the registration and please, please be the best guest ever!
  • clinicESGV de club will once again host a clinic (which roughly translates into Schnupperkurs in German) parallel to the main tourney. If you have non-golfing friends, well, first of all sorry, and second why not register them as well and bring them along. Try not to be too excessive about the first bullet point though.
  • fee – The fee for the Dutch Student Masters 2019 will remain at 35 EUR for the 18-hole tourney. The idea behind the 35 EUR limit for the Unigolftour is that you have a bit of budget left for travel. This simply is the best trigger to make that trip and experience collegiate golf in the Netherlands. So yeah, do it!
  • dress code – If you have a spectacular gown or suit at home that gets out far to rarely, bring it along and wear it for the dinner at the clubhouse. As there is always some networking going on between the players and the corporate sponsors in the evening dressing up ends up being surprisingly inconspicuous. (If that’s not your thing we’ve contributed with hoodies and track suits to the mix before and we’re still welcome.)

If you’ve played the Dutch Student Masters before you already know you’re going. This one’s not to be missed. If you haven’t played the Dutch Student Masters before… well, it’s about time. You’ll meet some of the most passionate Dutch collegiate golfers (make a note in the registration that you’d like to be in a group with some of them), play a very good golf course, there are some sweet prizes to be won, you’ll get something to eat after the round (and some witte bollen during it) and we’ll probably all end up in Stratumseind, a street made up entirely of bars, clubs and restaurants and the biggest of its kind in the Netherlands – and as local collegiate golfers, our hosts will be the quite the experts guiding us through it. Can’t wait!

» more images from the Dutch Student Masters 2018

On a more organizational level I also recommend to use the Sunday for extensive groceries shopping at Albert Heijn XL (Limburglaan 2, 5652 AA Eindhoven) as they open at 12 on a Sunday. Yes, on a Sunday.

The Dutch Student Masters simply is one of the best weekend trips out there. Make sure you make it this year – again or for the very first time. We’re welcome, you’re welcome, let’s do this!

» register for the Unigolftour now (Tick the Tourpost box so we can notify you once the registration for the Dutch Student Masters is up and running.)

Dutch Student Masters 2019 EINDHOVEN 11/5/2019

Why is this text in English? – Articles on tourneys in the Netherlands are published in English so that our hosts know what we’re writing about them.

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