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Why is Rotterdam grey? And why is this in English?

The latter is simple. Everything we write about any of the tourneys in the Netherlands we’re writing in English so that our collegiate golfing friends over in Eindhoven, Groningen and all the other lovely places know what we’re writing about them. The first question is an easy one, too.

Why is Rotterdam grey?

A few years back we updated the four core criteria for any tourney that’s part of the Unigolftour. Short recap.

#1 The tourney is hosted by students or a collegiate entity.

The tour should be all about collegiate golf, so this is elementary.

#2 The tourney takes place max once a year.

Back then we had monthly tourneys in Lüneburg between March and November and frankly we wanted to save the tour from ourselves. It would have been simple to include all those tourneys, kick off the tour with nine additional events and–last but not least–pave the way for the Leuphana to effortlessly win the university ranking. Exactly, that wouldn’t have worked very well over the long run.

#3 The fee’s max 35 EUR for 18 holes and 55 EUR for 36 holes.

We want you to play as many Unigolftour tourneys as possible. We know a student’s budget is limited. We put the two together and agreed on an upper limit for the fee.

#4 The tourney’s open for students with -54 or better.

Golf’s complicated enough, at least in Germany. We didn’t want to add to that but make things as simple as possible. If you’re a student and play golf you’re welcome.

All of the tourneys on the Unigolftour meet those four criteria. Other tourneys don’t, although you would still consider them collegiate. Until 2017 we simply ignored those events. This year we still very much focus on the official Unigolftour tourneys (and they’re still the only events feeding our leaderboards and getting promoted through all our channels), but we figured we should at least forward the information that others are happening and let you know the date of the ones that come to our attention but don’t meet all four criteria. That’s the case with Rotterdam and that’s why that tourney has a different colour (and no seperate tourney page). Red equals you should definitely play this. Grey equals if you need even more collegiate golf have a look at this one as well.

We’re more than thrilled if you simply play them all.

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