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Get a Unigolftour Mystery Box in Groningen

Additionally to taking part in a historic Unigolftour first (we’ve never played in Groningen before) and quite frankly having a smashing tourney day on the weekend, there’ll be something more for you. (As all our articles on tourneys in the Netherlands, this here is also in English.)

Unigolftour Mystery Box

This is it, the Unigolftour Mystery Box.

It’s a little cardboard box with Unigolftour and our favourite message Wir wollen nur spielen (roughly translating into We only want to play) on the top. It’s about 170 × 70 × 40 millimeter in size, so feel free to guess what’s inside. Because yes, there’ll be something inside. And along with the box it’s absolutely yours when you tackle the journey to the ANWB Golf Pitch Open 2018 in Groningen and join us for the tourney.

We’ll hand out a box to every Unigolftoussi (female) and Unigolftourist (male) from Germany who participated in the ANWB Golf Pitch Open 2018 right after the tourney. So register today, join us in Groningen on Saturday 26 May and be one if the very first to find out what’s inside the Unigolftour Mystery Box.

register now

See you in Groningen!

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