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Florian, Tim, Florian (the same), Bayreuth are at the very top of the rankings after the wonderful Dutch Student Masters 2018

For two seconds we considered giving points for overall King’s Day performance as well – but we won’t, so here comes a look at our overall stroke play, Stableford and university rankings after regular play at the Dutch Student Masters in Eindhoven on Saturday, 28 April.

Dutch Student Masters EINDHOVEN 28/4/2018

Florian Hillebrand (RWTH Aachen, AAC) and Tim Puchenberg (Westfälische Hochschule, WHO) share the lead in the stroke play ranking with each 44 points. Florian made 15 of those in Eindhoven, Tim 16. Veronika de Bochdanovits (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, JMU) and Roman Barwinski (Universität Bayreuth, UBY) however didn’t make any point at all at the Dutch Student Masters, having been busy with reading a book or doing other university stuff, we don’t know. Both still at 30 points, they move down from T1 to T3.

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DM18 Florian Hillebrand

Florian Hillebrand

In the Stableford ranking, it’s Florian Hillebrand (AAC) who has a 4 point edge over Tim Puchenberg (WHO). Florian’s 79 (adding 30) translate into first position after the Dutch Student Masters, while Tim goes to second with 74 (adding 36). This is followed by a gap that’s bigger than the King’s Days main stage in Eindhoven, which is then followed by Jannis Kohns (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, UDO) and his 49 (adding nothing) on third.

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DM18 Tim Puchenberg

Tim Puchenberg

The university ranking is where we simply add all stroke play and Stableford points of all the players from that university in the field. By that measure, Universität Bayreuth (UBY) still leads the pack, adding 30 points in Eindhoven and going to 236 total. RWTH Aachen (AAC) remains at second with 77 new points and 192 overall. Westfälische Hochschule (WHO) is new at third, boosting their score by 52 to stand at 119.

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Eindhovense Studenten Golfvereniging, thank you so incredibly much for welcoming us on King’s Day, having us for the whole weekend and staging such a wonderful tournament with the Dutch Student Masters 2018. It’s such a pleasure visiting you, it’s such a great time over in Eindhoven! It just is.

DM18 alle

Dutch Student Masters 2018: everyone

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Until then check out the best images we brought back from Einhoven’s Dutch Student Masters 2018 at Burggolf Gendersteyn on Saturday, 26 May.

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