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In a good two weeks we’re off to Groningen for the ANWB Golf Pitch Open 2018

And already there’s an elephant in the room. Pitch? Well, relax, the tourney is played on a fully-fledged golf course with the longest par 5 running a good 492 from yellow and 454 from red, so take all your clubs with you. Pitch refers to the Groninger Albertiaanse Golf Vereniging (G.A.G.V.) Pitch (short: Pitch), the local collegiate golf team. It’s their annual big tourney on Saturday, 26 May 2018 – and we’re extremely welcome and hell yeah are we going!

ANWB Golf Pitch Open GRONINGEN 26/5/2018

We’re incredibly excited about our first ever visit to Groningen as part of the Unigolftour. Up to ten spots at a rate of 35 EUR are available for Unigolftourists and the registration is open as of now. It will close on 20 May 2018, so we strongly suggest to quickly sort out (and if necessary: clear) your agenda.

On tournament day, doors open at 10:15, and it’s a first that we’ll have a shotgun start at 11:00. Then get the day’s sunburn in postition for the group photo at 18:00, followed by the prize giving ceremony at 18:30 and a dinner at 19:00. After that rely on Pitch’s impeccable expertise on the local beverage market as we hop over to their favourite pub De Pintelier where the first refreshments will be on their tab. We bet this is by far the best plan for Saturday, 26 May 2018 we’ve ever seen.

The tourney takes place at GC Holthuizen, which can be reached by car in about

  • 2h from Bremen,
  • a good 2h from Münster,
  • a good 3h from Hamburg and
  • 3.5h from Hannover.

(The tougher 5% of Unigolftour would walk that.)

Some Unigolftourists are probably a little particular about the fact that GC Holthuizen features only 9 holes (3 par 5, 4 par 4, 2 par 3). Those I ask: Have you played your home course more than once? Well, then consider this to be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a course that’s completely new to you twice during our next tournament. You’ll have the amazing opportunity to immediately benefit from learning from your first round’s mistakes – or, as it’s probably going to happen (purely based on my very own experience) witness the wonder of making the exact same mistake again within only two hours. (Although the latter may in fact be difficult to accomplish as each hole has different tee boxes for your first and second round.)

ANWB Golf Pitch Open 2017

ANWB Golf Pitch Open 2017

After you’ve played 18 holes at GC Holthuizen (Texas scramble for those above hcp 18, stroke play for those below) and joined the group picture, there’ll be prize giving ceremony and dinner. Again, based on our experience with tourneys in the Netherlands you better prepare to dress up for the occasion, as that’s how they do it in the Netherlands. Think smart casual but inject a bit of golfing oddity. Nobody will give you a hard time for just a T-shirt, but we’d rather suggest to join in on the full Groningen experience.

We know this whole ANWB Golf Pitch Open thing comes at a bit of a short notice, but let’s be honest, we’re talking about a Saturday, you weren’t going to spend that day in a library anyways. So you’re not missing out.

Look out for our carpool article shortly to help you sharing a ride to Groningen. Find all further details on the ANWB Golf Pitch Open over on the tournament page including the registration link. Use it wisely and hope to see you over in Groningen on Saturday, 26 May 2018!

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