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Aachen, Joris, Stephan lead after the wonderful 2017 Dutch Student Masters

Playing the Dutch Student Masters on a 13 May 2017 is by far the best thing you can do. Quite a few Unigolftourists have done exactly that, so let’s have a look at the best pictures plus the current leaderboards in our overall stroke play, Stableford and university rankings. Here we go!

DM17 Okay let’s go!

Check out all pictures from the 2017 Dutch Student Masters below.

He’s back. As in previous years, Joris van Alphen (Technical University Eindhoven, TUE) has once again climbed to the very top of the stroke play ranking, adding 32 points to go to 67. Fun fact: So far he’s never finished a season in that position, so let’s see what happens this year. Only two points (or one „What the hell happened on the par-5 17, blue’s number 8!?!“) behind him follows Stephen Braun (Universität Paderborn, UPB), picking up 18 points at BurgGolf Gendersteyn that Saturday. Third place is shared by Philipp Nies (Hochschule Koblenz, KOB) and Lukas Schade (Universität Siegen), who once again neither travelled nor played, yet still they live off the 37 points they each picked up during the Bonner Open(er) back in March. Lads, register for the Student Masters or this has been it for you in the top 3. Just sayin’.

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DM17 Joris van Alphen

Joris van Alphen (TUE)

However, Stephen Braun (UPB) manages to stay at the very top in the Stableford ranking, picking up 28 points at the Dutch Student Masters and pushing his total to 97. Guess who’s second? Exactly, here it’s Joris van Alphen (TUE) who’s trailing, adding 37 points to go to 87. Third’s Florian Hillebrand (RWTH Aachen, AAC), who made one of the bigger jumps on the leaderboard with 40 pointjes from the Netherlands, getting him to 77 for the moment.

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DM17 Stephen Braun

Stephen Braun (UPB)

And then there’s the Königsdisziplin, the king of all leaderboards, the university ranking. Here RWTH Aachen (AAC) scores 155 points, goes to 206, claims the lead and almost casually kicks Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (LEU) down a spot. Lüneburg didn’t have even one player in the mix, so they stay at 170 points and watch themselves drop. Universität Paderborn (UPB) remains in the top 3, gains 46 points in the Netherlands and advances to 162 points.

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Now, to all those amazing girls and guys at the organising ESGV de club: We love you! Thanks so incredibly much for setting up this wonderful tournament and making us feel so utterly welcome. It was pure joy visiting you and we’re still a bit jetlag by your massive hospitality. You’re really running a great show there, and we can’t wait to return in 2018. Until then we would like all of you to visit us in Germany for one or all upcoming tournaments on the Unigolftour. Until we see you again in Lüneburg, Münster or another of the upcoming nine locations, from us it’s thank you, thank you, thank you!

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See you in Lüneburg!

And now enjoy the best pictures of the 2017 Dutch Student Masters!

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