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Leuphana, Stephen x2 take the lead after 2017 NSGG Open

Here’s what our overall stroke play, Stableford and university rankings look like after the season’s second tournament, the 2017 NSGG Open in Nijmegen on Saturday, 1 April.

NJ17 NSGG Open 1.4.17

To prepare you for some pretty strong scores, note that the 2017 NSGG Open was a two player scramble. So if – and it happens occasionally – your shot doesn’t turn out the way you’ve planned it, there’s always a second chance. Unless, of course, you already are that second chance, in which case… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Stephen Braun (Universität Paderborn, UPB) takes the lead in the stroke play ranking, adding 31 points to go to 47. The second place is shared by Philipp Nies (Hochschule Koblenz, KOB) and Lukas Schade (Universität Siegen), who didn’t even travel to Nijmegen (and you’re absolutely right to feel bad about that), but still live on the 37 points they’ve raked in at the Bonner Open(er) just a week earlier.

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Stephen Braun (UPB) now also leads the way in the Stableford ranking, coming in at 37 points which land him at an overall 69. There’s already a little gap to the second place that’s currently occupied by Joris van Alphen (Technical University Eindhoven, TUE), who goes from zero to 50 in just one tournament. Only one point shy of that are Maximilian Owen and Constantin Wendt (both Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, LEU), who also played the 2017 NSGG Open as their season’s debut. Yes, it’s 49 points and with that they share third.

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With those points Maximilian Owen and Constantin Wendt raked in, their Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (LEU) goes straight to the top in the university ranking. Here, we simply add all stroke play and Stableford points of all the players from that university in the field, and for the Leuphana that’s a solid 170 for now. The Bergische Universität Wuppertal (WUP) didn’t have a single player in the field (which, frankly, is a bit disappointing), stays at 116 and moves down to shared second, as the Universität Paderborn casually heads into exactly the other direction, breaking into the top 3 at 116 points and also second. It’s of course Stephen Braun who added 68 of those.

» full ranking

A very special thanks goes to the Nijmeegs Studenten Golf Genootschap (NSGG), who once again made the awesome NSGG Open part of the Unigolftour. It was a real treat visiting you!

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