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Registration for 2017 Dutch Student Masters is open

Come along for our second trip to the Netherlands in 2017 and play the Dutch Student Masters in Eindhoven on Saturday, 13 May. The registration is open – and if you now find yourself asking „Hm, should I?”, we can really only respond with a heartfelt „WHAT!? You haven’t already!?“

DM17 Dutch Student Masters 13.5.17

Each year, the organising body of the Dutch Student Masters, the ESGV de club (with ESGV standing for Eindhovense Studenten Golfvereniging – which roughly translates into students, who love golf at least as much as you do) puts loads of energy, passion and pure fun into this tournament. You can feel that every moment you’re there, whether on the course, on their spectacular driving range (that most definitely will be part of the overall experience again this year) or in Eindhoven’s constantly celebrating city centre in the middle of the night, treating yourself to another drink, some wicked music in a strange language and – weirdly – half a town singing along with it. Trust me and all the Unigolftourists, who have been at the Dutch Student Masters before: You just don’t want to miss this one.

Spontaneous add-on 2016: Dutch Student Masters Berenburg Sudden Death Challenge

Do yourself a favour and have a browse through all what’s been published about the Dutch Student Masters before. It’s a treat. And then go on and sign up. Hell, you might even pick up a present as you do so, since every 10th registration will be awarded with a leather credit card holder sponsored by the tournament’s partner Circle of Gentleman. Exactly, that’s awesome.

So, to briefly summarize everything about the registration for the Dutch Student Masters: „WHAT!? You haven’t already!?“

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