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Last call for 2017 NSGG Open, registration ends today

This is the last call for the 2017 NSGG Open, Nijmegen, 1 April. The registration ends today, Saturday, 25 March. There will be no additional notice for the registration closing, so if you choose to ignore this message, you’re on your own with this mate. Let’s be honest, we’d rather have you with us!

Letzter Aufruf

Please also make sure to register for the Unigolftour itself, so that we can collect your points for the stroke play, Stableford and university leaderboards. Note that we will only do so if you have registered for the Unigolftour no later than the day you tee off. Retrospective credit is, as we say in golf, out of bounds.

NJ17 NSGG Open 1.4.17

More about the NSGG Open:

1 April 2017

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