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NSGG Open back on tour for 2017, registration is open

The 2014 NSGG Open was the very first time we played a tourney outside Germany, and boy was that a treat. Well, after a little absence in 2016 it’s safe to say the NSGG Open’s back on tour.

NJ15 Teilnehmer

NSGG Open 2015

We’ll go to Nijmegen on 1 April 2017, that’s a Saturday. A car will take you there in under two hours if you’re leaving from either the Bonner Open(er), our very first tourney of the 2017 season, or the WGC over in Münster. Oh yes, and it’s a snappy 45 minutes if you’re departing from Eindhoven, home of the Dutch Student Masters. The point I’m trying to make here: It’s friggin close.

Oh, and it’s awesome! Nijmegen welcomes us with open arms, loads of golf and even more hospitality. Frankly the only reason we weren’t in Nijmegen 2016 is that the tourney wasn’t able to meet our collegiate limit of 35 EUR per student per 18 holes for a tourney. This year they can. The now optional dinner was moved to after the prize giving ceremony that closes out the tourney, bringing the regular fee down to some happy 30 EUR.

We’d recommend to stay though. Dinner or not, you really should take advantage of being in Nijmegen. It’s an incredible town. St. Anneke, the pub where we will kick off the night’s festivities, is nothing short of a blast. Plus there’s the people, and especially round the NSGG (that stands for Nijmeegs Studenten Golf Genootschap by the way) they’re just the best.

Well, nuff said. Registration is open and definitely recommended. All you need is here.

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