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The best pictures of the 2016 Jumbo Golf Dutch Student Masters

This. Was. Epic. Eindhoven has really rocked our hearts last weekend. Let’s have a look at how much fun it was to join the exquisite 2016 Jumbo Golf Dutch Student Masters.

DM16 Best of 2016 Dutch Student Masters

We’ve already worked through all the scores and changes on the leaderboards of our three overall rankings after the tourney: stroke play, Stableford and university. Now let’s take a look at pretty much everything else. Start the music (Due to given circumstances there can really only be one song here. It’s really not up to me this time.),…

…open up the first picture in the gallery and tap the right or left edge of it to move for- or backwards. (Keyboard? Use < and > key instead.) That’s how to enjoy the best pictures of the 2016 Jumbo Golf Dutch Student Masters!

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