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Technical University Eindhoven, Joris, Tim take the lead after the 2016 Dutch Student Masters

Fireworks. Pub crawl. Kroketjes. Presents. BBQ. Oh, and golf! The 2016 Dutch Student Masters (14 May) have been absolutely spectacular. More text and photos will follow, for now let’s focus on what’s what in stroke play, Stableford and university ranking.

DM16 Blue Course hole no. 8

The 8th green of Burggolf Gendersteyn’s Blue Course under attack. We’ve played both Yellow Course (9 holes) and Blue Course (9 holes), starting from both tees, making this beautiful and difficult par 5 (505/472 m) either the 8th or the 17th hole for the players.

Joris van Alphen (Technical University Eindhoven, TUE) does what he does best: He takes the lead in the stroke play ranking with now 67 points. (He’s been at the top of this ranking for the best part of the 2015 season, so welcome back!) Bartel van der Veek (TUE) moves up to second place with 43 points, really charging the TUE account here. Pascal Albrecht (IUBH Internationale Hochschule Bad Honnef, IUB) stays in the top three despite not adding a single point in Eindhoven due to a serious lack of participation. Well, 40 points are still good for that position.

» full ranking

DM16 Thea

Thea pretty much stole the show with her longest drive. Groups following actually took the marker for the pin flag – it was that far away from the tee box.

With Tim Puchenberg (Westfälische Hochschule, WHO) one of our most enthusiastic Unigolftourists rockets to the top of the Stableford ranking, currently at 92 points. Only 2 points behind is Ralf Münch (Private Hochschule Göttingen, PFH). Both of them are already checked in for the next two tournaments, making sure that (a) they stay at the top of this ranking and (b) continue to have an awesome 2016 season. Joris van Alphen (TUE) comes in third with 77 points and will probably also return because of (a) and (b).

» full ranking

DM16 Ralf

Ralf on his way up to no. 2 in the Stableford ranking.

The Technical University Eindhoven (TUE) takes over the top of the university ranking with 256 points, forcing the Bergische Universität Wuppertal (WUP) to move down a spot with 221 points. Third place is taken by the Universität zu Köln (KOE) who comes in at 200 points.

» full ranking

DM16 Yannick

Yannick having the good old lying-down-on-green-17-laugh.

A special mention goes out to Joris and Hendrik Becker (Leibniz Universität Hannover, LEI) for winning a very special prize after the regular tourney. We as Unigolftourists received two bottles of Beerenburg (which is Dutch for Jägermeister I believe) for traveling all the way to Eindhoven and participating with such a comprehensive group. Both bottles were then played out on the practice green with those advancing to the next round who were able to play though in between those two bottles. Joris and Hendrik won that competition, so what about a small round of applause.

DM16 Hendrik, Roger, Sabrina

Hendrik, Roger, Sabrina – with Hendrik and Roger clearly not following the photographer’s request to „gimme at least something“.

A very special mention goes to the whole ESGV de club team that set up this amazing tournament, the 2016 Dutch Student Masters. Guys, it has been an incredible weekend over at your place. (Already looking forward to more photos which are set to follow shortly.) This has been hours, days, weeks, months in preparation – and it absolutely showed. We thank you so much for putting all this effort in the tournament so that we can just come over, join all you lovely people and simply have a few of the very best days of the season together. Please also extend our most thankful regards to your sponsors and BurgGolf Gendersteyn Veldhoven. ESGV de club, you rock so f***ing loud!

Up next:

Student Masters
6 to 7 June 2016
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See you in Lüneburg!

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