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Registration for 2016 Dutch Student Masters opens tomorrow

The season is picking up some steam here! The registration for our first tourney, the 2016 Bergisch Student Open on 15 April 2016, is already up and running. Now we’re just hours away from opening the gates to our second destination, the 2016 Dutch Student Masters.

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So as of tomorrow we’d strongly like to recommend securing your spot in our first stop in the Netherlands this year. And of course it’s the best idea to warm up for Eindhoven by playing the 2016 Bergisch Student Open as well. It’ll be our first tourney of the season and details for it are available in both German and Dutch. Just check for Ausschreibung on the tourney page and then go for the PDF in the language of your choice. Epic read for every Unigolftourist, that’s for sure.

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But back to the 2016 Dutch Student Masters in Eindhoven. We’ve been there and we can’t wait to get back there again. It’ll be 18 holes of fun at BurgGolf Gendersteyn Veldhoven with a little strokeplay involved for those below -18. There’ll be some added buzz in the club due to the parallel clinic that’s bringing new students to the sport. (In fact if you’d like to get your flatmates playing let them register for the clinic and bring them with you. Sounds like a sweet trip to us!) After the tourney we’ll get together in the clubhouse, have a bite and receive a prize or not. (Germans: be advised that Dutch collegiate golfers are casual experts in dressing up for the night so you may want to bring that fancy dress/suit with you. You’ll see.) Then make sure to follow a local lead into Eindhoven at night because they sure know where the taps are open, the music’s loud and the people are out to have a blast. Eindhoven’s much more fun than you might imagine. It’s going to be swee-heet!

Okay, but for all this to happen you need to register. You really do. It’s as simple as that. Just register as soon as the form is live. That’s it. That’s all. That’s the start of it. To register.

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