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Amsterdam, Utrecht not part of the 2016 Unigolftour

Due to the consent to decrease the maximum fee for a 2016 Unigolftour tourney to 35 EUR (18 holes) respectively 55 EUR (36 holes), the 2015 ASGV Open in Amsterdam and the 2015 Domstad Classic in Utrecht will not be part of our 2016 schedule.

UGT Lochfahne

Last year the 2014 ASGV Open was a truly wonderful opening to our 2015 season, and of course we would have loved to see that happening again, ideally being followed by a second event, the 2015 Domstad Classic in Utrecht, only days later.

However, the announcement of fees for those tourneys far exceeding 40 EUR for an 18 hole event made us think – a lot. It is one of our core goals to provide a collegiate, relaxed and fun access to the greatest sport of all (which is, as a reminder, golf). Yet collegiate always has to reflect the budget that comes with it, and here there is a major difference between 40 EUR and 49 EUR. Maybe not if you only play this one tourney, but a true Unigolftourist takes part in at least five to ten of those. You can do the math.

Now you take a look at the leaderboards and notice that not so many Unigolftourists have actually done that many tourneys this year. In fact they’ve only done 2.6 on average (excluding those who have only registered with the tour without playing even one single tourney during the 2015 season).

Which made us think even more, since this is just not enough traveling. But that is exactly what we want to encourage. Get out there, travel the distance and have one of the best days of your life as a student out there on some course together with other students. As often as possible, everywhere possible.

So the maximum fee for the 2016 season did not only remain where it was for the 2015 season (40 EUR per 18 hole tourney), it went down to where it was for the 2014 season: 35 EUR for 18 holes, 55 EUR for 36 holes.

This will probably translate into less tee off presents here, a more moderate dinner there and a more unobtrusive prize range in the middle. If you seek the opposite, we’re sure that there are plenty of tourneys around you offering that bang for that buck. This already has translated into the odd tourney not being featured as part of the Unigolftour, as you’ve surely noticed by reading the title of this article. We are incredibly sorry about that and we will work hard on finding solutions to incorporate every collegiate tourney that we know of into the Unigolftour.

But first and foremost we want to keep collegiate golf (and in this case the thrill of playing tourneys together with other students) as accessible as possible. We hope that with the 35/55 EUR limit for fees, we’re on track with just that – as sad as it may feel during the next two weeks or so.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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