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Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Joris x2 still at the top after the 2015 Dutch Student Masters

What a blast the Dutch Student Masters have been – and that’s not only talking about the ridiculously funny night in the celebrating heart of Eindhoven following the tourney. Yap, that goes just as well for the tourney itself. Let’s take a look at our current top three in stroke play, Stableford and university ranking.

DM15 Attacking the Pin

For the first time ever it was possible to attack a Unigolftour pin flag during the Dutch Student Masters, and what a premiere it has been!

Joris van Alphen (Technical University Eindhoven, TUE) is still the man to beat in the stroke play ranking with now 91 points and a 22 point strong gap to his closest follower, Marco Kunzmann (Bergische Universität Wuppertal, WUP) with 69 points. Jonas Pfeffer (DHBW Mannheim, DHM) takes current third place with 62 points.

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DM15 Mirek, Alexander, Aaron, Felix, Jonas, Sina

Kind and happy regards from Eindhoven: Mirek, Alexander, Aaron, Felix, Jonas and Sina!

It is Joris van Alphen (TUE) again at the very top when looking at the Stableford ranking. 123 points solidly qualify for that position. Sabrina Oesterwind (WUP) comes second with 100 points. She’s followed by – yeah, we already know this guy from another third place – Jonas Pfeffer (DHM) at 85 points.

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DM15 Solheim Cup

We’re sure you’re just as excited as we are for the 2015 Solheim Cup – and the 2015 Olheim Cup, which we guess is the same tourney only for guys. Or is it?

Except for the sums there is no change in the most important order of them all, the university ranking. It’s Bergische Universität Wuppertal (WUP) at the very top with 448 points, followed by a 366 points strong DHBW Mannheim (DHM), and local favourite for the Dutch Student Masters Technical University Eindhoven (TUE) taking third with 348 points.

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(Now you may well ask: Why not, say, 368 points for Eindhoven? It was on their turf, still they only clocked in at 108 points for the tourney. Well, the answer is pretty simple. They were there for sure, but we only credit players who have registered for the Unigolftour, and that not everyone has done before. So there you go. Pretty simple, ey? If you want to see your university higher in the ranking where it most definitely belongs, make sure the team registers before teeing off. That would be here.)

The first two 2015 Solheim Cup week passes go to an incredibly happy Sina Reubelt (DHM). Sina, see you +1 later this year at St. Leon-Rot!

All, please stay tuned for a few more pictures of the 2015 Dutch Student Masters to follow soon.

All again, make sure to register for the Unigolftour and the Moritz Golf Cup in good time if you want all this stuff about the points to change in your favour. Well, or do it just because you want to have a great time on and off the course. It works both ways. It really does.

Next up:

Moritz Golf Cup
23 May 2015
» details, registration

In the mood for a little teaser? Check out the following video about the 2013 edition of the tourney and the gallery for the 2014 edition.

See you in Greifswald!

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