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Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Joris x2 lead after 2015 NSGG Open

Let’s take a look at who’s on top of our three rankings after the 2015 NSGG Open.

NJ15 Teilnehmer

The complete and happy 2015 NSGG field

Joris van Alphen (Technical University Eindhoven, TUE) takes the lead in the stroke play ranking with 60 points, followed by the two guys who had a real good crack at the golf course Het Rijk van Nijmegen. Marco Kunzmann and Ken Oberließen (both Bergische Universität Wuppertal, WUP) burst in the ranking with 45 points each, and every single one of those points earned during the 2015 NSGG Open. As we like to say in golf: they had quite a run.

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With 85 points Joris (TUE) is also the man to beat in the Stableford ranking. Second place is currently occupied by the amazing Sabrina Oesterwind (WUP) and her 67 points. Jonas Pfeffer (DHBW Mannheim, DHM) completes the top three with 59 points and a bronze medal that is as virtual as it is temporary.

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So you probably have spotted a pattern there, have you. Since WUP turns up again and again (and strong) in the rankings above it sure will take a good position in the university ranking this early in the Race to Chemnitz. Well, it does. It takes the first. It’s incredible 299 points for the Bergische Universität Wuppertal (WUP), which makes us all the more excited for their own tourney, the Bergisch Student Open on 1 August. With 241 points the DHBW Mannheim (DHM) moves up a spot and claims second place. Just one point less, so 240 points, secure the Technical University Eindhoven (TUE) third place – but we’re sure to see this change since the next tourney on the Unigolftour is staged on their very home turf: The Dutch Student Masters is up this Saturday, registration is open until Wednesday.

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NJ15 Steffen Schmitz

Thumbs up by and for Steffen Schmitz

The Last Oakley was won by Steffen Schmitz. Congrats, mate!

All, make sure to register for the Unigolftour and the Dutch Student Masters in good time if you want all this stuff about the points to change in your favour. Well, or do it just because you want to have a great time on and off the course. It works both ways. It really does.

Next up:

Dutch Student Masters
2 May 2015
» details, registration

See you in Eindhoven!

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