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Win the last Oakley

Those two years with Oakley at our side were just a blast, so we decided to celebrate that by going out on a high note. Performing one decent golf shot at the NSGG Open 2015 and having a little luck on top of that may very well provide you with some brandnew Oakley shades – and possibly the finest ones Oakley and the Unigolftour have ever handed out.

The Last Oakley Frogskins LX 1

Frogskins have always been an incredibly popular model with the Unigiolftourists. It made its way in two of our four custom campaigns for the Student Masters (one, two) and the Unigolftour (three, four).

This however is a very special one. It’s the Frogskins LX with beautiful chrome iridium glasses and a layered frame that is classically navy on the outside, yet aggressively red on the inside. A fine white line inbetween completes the colour scheme, so that when you look at this elegant piece of work from the top, you will indeed see the flag of our host nation for that very day, the flag of the Netherlands.

The Last Oakley Frogskins LX 2

All you have to do to qualify is to be a registered Unigolftourist (do that here) and hit the 5th green (173 m from the yellow tee, 123 m from the red tee) with your tee shot during the NSGG Open 2015 (register here). From the pool of all those who accomplished that we will draw the lucky winner and award the Frogskins LX described above, the very last Oakley to be awarded on the Unigolftour. (Well, at least the last one until further notice.)

No 5 Nijmeegse Baan Het Rijk van Nijmegen

No 5 Nijmeegse Baan, Het Rijk van Nijmegen

This is also the moment to once again thank Oakley for the spectacular ride we shared and all the special moments that cooperation sparked. May that be the fun the Unigolftourists had when designing their individual shades (see above), the goofing around with those shades exhibited at a first tee during the Unigolftour or all players of the Student Masters attempting to shoot a hole in one on either Freischwimmer (No 4 on the Old Course Schloss Lüdersburg) or Feuerwerk (No 17 on the Lakes Course Schloss Lüdersburg) to get hold of one of these shades. It was just wonderful and we are looking forward to once again team up in the future.

The Last Oakley Frogskins LX 3

Well, isn’t this thing awesome, the last Oakley? Haha, thought so. So, meisjes, jongens, see you aplenty at the NSGG Open!

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