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Carpool: 2015 Dutch Student Masters

You’re en route to Eindhoven in May and you want to carpool with other players? Splendid idea. More fun, cheaper ride.

UGL Podcast Folge 46: XJ

Post an enquiry or offer

Just put the details (e. g. „Hannover <> Eindhoven LET’S DO THIS.“ or „I‘m in Greifswald and would do the first 400 km by train, but could somebody pick me up after that? Bremen, maybe?“) in a comment below this article. Don’t publish any contact details such as mobile number or email address there.

Reply to an enquiry or offer

Just post „Please forward my email address to [name of the person whose comment you want to reply to]“ in a comment below this article. We’ll then forward your email to [name of the person whose comment you want to reply to] and you two can sort out the details.

(Pro tipp: subscribe to the comments via RSS feed. That way you don’t miss a beat.)

Questions? Get in touch (it’s name, email, message over there).

Enjoy the Dutch Student Masters on Saturday, 2 May 2015!

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Felix N am 21.04.2015 um 22:39 Uhr:

Fahre Freitag Nachmittag/Abend von Frankfurt nach Eindhoven, Sonntag wieder zurück. Maps sagt, da kommt man an Köln vorbei. Will noch jemand mit? :-D

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