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Registration for Dutch Student Masters starts on 7 March

Eindhoven is calling! The second tourney of the year and the third tourney of the 2015 season kicks off its registration this Saturday. We are funky sure that you already marked down 2 May as completely unavailable for anything that is not a collegiate golf tourney in Eindhoven that day, so Saturday’s the day to follow through with action.

DM14 first tee

It‘s always the same on the first tee. Those who go the extra mile and stand on their hands end up being the ones you can‘t recognize since your mind doesn‘t progress upside-down very well. This ends today. If only for this picture, but still today.

This is the very first time that we play Eindhoven. However, based on our track record with Nijmegen and Amsterdam plus a peak over to Facebook we figure that this thing will knock us off our rockers.

The set-up looks great. Players quarters will be arranged, so you already know how massively welcome you are. To already start the fun during registration, there will be a special something given out for every tenth person to sign up. Add a very special something for the first Unigolftourist who does so and even registration shapes up to be entertaining.

Stay tuned for more, e. g. the carpool post. Until then make sure that you A register for the Unigolftour (if you haven‘t already which we won‘t mention to all the other Unigolftourists who are reading this right now and would raise quite some major eyebrow if they did, so yeah, you‘re welcome), B register for the Dutch Student Masters once registration is up and running and C make sure that all your collegiate golfing buddies follow suit, since yeah, of course you know how awesome this whole Unigolftour thing is, but do they? I mean, do they?

Guys, see you all in Eindhoven!

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