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Register now for 2015 NSGG Open

The registration for the 2015 edition of the NSGG Open is up and running. So although you’re probably busy learning for those annoying exams of yours, treat yourself to a few minutes with the registration form and make sure that there’s something to absolutely look forward to in about two months. Peeps, let’s DO this!

NJ14 group picture

Note that if you’re German and don’t enter a playing partner upon registration, the organizers will try to pair you up with a student from the Netherlands – which is what we strongly recommend. Works the other way round as well. Find out more about the tourney right here and make sure to check out the carpool section and the previously published function. Both incredibly helpful and a good read, especially if you need a little something to procrastinate.

Are you with us in Nijmegen? Tell us in the comments below! Hope to see you soon and all the best for your exams!

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