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Registration for 2015 NSGG Open starts on 11 February

Winter is often defined as a period with inconveniently low temperatures, almost no Unigolftour tourneys and even less open registrations for such events. Well guess what. Winter’s over.

NJ14 group picture

This group picture dates back to the NSGG Open 2014, the largest edition of the tourney yet with 110 players. Come on Unigolftourists, let’s make 2014 the second largest edition of the tourney yet.

We are about to reach the back end of our little hiatus between the ASGV Open 2014 (played last November), the first tourney on our 2015 schedule, and the NSGG Open 2015, the second tourney on our current schedule–but the first one to actually be played in 2015. On 11 April to be more precise.

Registration for the NSGG Open 2015 will open on Wednesday, 11 February. You’ll then find the corresponding link right here on our tournament page.

Some of the details of last year’s edition (e. g. mode of play, assembling the teams) still apply, so even before we hear more about the specifics of this year’s edition, head over to the old article to find out what the NSGG Open is likely to be all about.

Keep coming back here to get the latest details on the NSGG Open 2015. Carpooling is already possible (and always a good idea) and make sure to give the tourney’s facebook page a like–yeah, and ours just as well :-)

Will we see you in Nijmegen? Come on guys, make some lekker noise in the comments below!

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