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Hannover Medical, Felix x2 lead after the ASGV Open 2014, until further notice

This incredibly early start of the 2015 Unigolftour caught us a bit off guard as well. I mean, did it really take us close to a month to even realize that there are three completely new leaderboards out there? Well, since you’re reading this at the end of November 2014, almost a a month after the ASGV Open 2014, the proper answer can only be: yes, and we’re a bit sorry. (And note, since this post is about a tourney in the Netherlands, it’s in English.)

Unigolftouristen @ ASGV Open 2014

Check out the crowd that journeyed over to the Netherlands and obviously lost some of their points on the way back.

So just as a recap, the 2014 Unigolftour ended with the Studentenmeisterschaft in Chemnitz on October 11, 2014. The 2015 Unigolftour kicked off with the ASGV Open in Amsterdam (that would be the one in the Netherlands) on November 1, 2014. Since this whole website will switch to the 2015 season only in early January, you’ll still find the 2014 leaderboards here, here and here and the 2015 leaderboards, well, right here in this post. You just have to continue to read.

The ASGV Open 2014 (with ASGV being short for Amsterdamse Studenten Golf Vereniging) was only the second tourney that we played in the Netherlands after the amazing NSGG Open 2014 earlier this year. NSGG is of course short for Nijmeegs Studenten Golf Genootschap and that tourney kicked off the 2014 season. So let’s, finally, take a closer look at the tourney that kicked off the 2015 season.

Unigolftour 2015 Brutto-Wertung nach den ASGV Open 2014

Stroke play ranking for the 2015 Unigolftour after the ASGV Open 2014

In the stroke play ranking Felix Ensberg (SRH FernHochschule Riedlingen, FER) takes the first lead of the season with 27 points. He’s followed by one of the most committed and beloved Unigolftourists out there, the one and only Alexander Lux (University of the West of Scotland UWS) with 17 points. When asked for comment on this rather embarrassing score, he basically burst into cursing, so we just ditched that whole part. Jonas Pfeffer (DHBW Mannheim, DHM) and Stefan Zajonc (Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe, PHK) share third place with 16 points each. Having learned from Lux, we didn’t even bother to ask.

Unigolftour 2015 Netto-Wertung nach den ASGV Open 2014

Stableford ranking for the 2015 Unigolftour after the ASGV Open 2014

The Stableford ranking reveals how uninspired this whole thing actually went down, if only in terms of performance. 30 points were enough for Felix Ensberg to grab the lead here as well, closely followed by one of the wonderful Unigolftoussis, Sabrina Oesterwind (Bergische Universität Wuppertal, WUP), with 29 points. Alexander Lux completes the top three, yeah, and he’s still cursing.

Unigolftour 2015 Uni-Wertung nach den ASGV Open 2014

University ranking for the 2015 Unigolftour after the ASGV Open 2014

Finally, in the university ranking there’s some substantial magic. Not in the scores, no. But feast upon the fact that we have three first-timers in the top three here. Hannover Medical (MED) is leading with 68 points, followed by the SRH Fernhochschule Riedlingen (FER) with 57 points. Third place goes to the DHBW Mannheim (DHM) with 50 points. Good to have you here, y’all!

So however incredible or embarrassing that score on the leaderboard maybe, it’s going to sit there for at least four more months. Things will start to move and change again as soon as the main leg of the 2015 Unigolftour kicks off and around.

That is of course unless you have played the ASGV Open 2014 and didn’t register for the 2015 Unigolftour yet. Since there’s so much time left until the next tourney, we’ll still put you and your Amsterdam points on the leaderboards if you’d like. Just get in touch as soon as you read this. Remember that there’s absolutely no guarantee that Amsterdam still holds your score cards.

Next years first tourney is very likely to bring us back to the Netherlands again. We will know for sure in a few weeks. Then we’ll publish the first few dates here that are already logged in for 2015, and we’re guessing something Dutch in April will be part of it.

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hell yeah

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07/04/2015 – NSGG Open… <3

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