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Last call: registration for ASGV Open 2014 ends tomorrow at 10 AM

This is your last call for the first tourney of the 2015 season. The ASGV Open 2014 will take place at the Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk near Amsterdam on Saturday, November 1. It’ll be the first event to count towards the 2015 leaderboards. So whoever comes out on top, be prepared to stay there for a few months.

AM14 Karte

We ran a few additional details about the tourney via the Tourpost, our passionately crafted messenger for your inbox. (Look for Newsletter abonnieren on the start page, just below the destinations.) Let’s just have a very brief recap o’those.

Are you ready to finish 2014 with a bang and start the 2015 season with that very same bang? Haha, thought so. Now register.

» registration

Have a smashing time and see you in Amsterdam!

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