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Amsterdam kicks off the Unigolftour 2015 on November 1, 2014

Everything you need to know about this sensationally early start into the 2015 season of the Unigolftour you will find in this post. Please note two things. One, everything about the ASGV Open 2014 will run in English on this site. Two, registration closes on Saturday, October 18 at 10 AM. (That’s the early 10.)

AM14 Karte

The European Tour does it. The PGA Tour does it. So we should do it too. Meaning, although it’s still 2014, we’ll start having tournaments that count towards the 2015 season. Girls, boys, welcome to the 2014 ASGV Open.

ASGV Open 2014

Mode of Play

(updated Friday, 17. October 2014, 15:30)

single, Pink Lady side game

hcp -18,0 and below: stroke play
hcp -18,1 and above: Stableford

If you want the result to count towards your handicap, please indicate so as you check in on Saturday.


Saturday, 1. November 2014


10:00 registration until 10:30
10:30 opening, group picture
10:45 warm up until 11:15
11:15 groups tee off until 13:15
16:00 refresh and drinks until 19:00
19:00 dinner, award ceremony, drinks until 22:00
22:00 Amsterdam by night until 05:00


Golfbaan De Hoge Dijk
Abcouderstraatweg 46
1105 AA Amsterdam

Holendrechtbaan, Bullewijkbaan

Players Quarters

Unigolftourists will be paired with local students to get a spot on a couch, on the floor or on the absent flatmates bed (don’t tell). Bring a sleeping bag and a pad.


» this way please


Universiteit van Amsterdam


ASGV Shanky


Find all previously published articles about this tournament here.


As you see the site is still on 2014 time. Therefore we need to do it a bit different this time round. But no worries, it’s still simple as a tap in.

step 1 register for the ASGV Open

First make sure you get your place in the tourney.

» this way please

step 2 register for 2015

Then drop us a line that you’d like to stay with us for the 2015 season of the Unigolftour. Write something like „Hell yeah, 2015!“ and add your name. (It’s name, email, message after the jump.)

» this way please

step 3 do both until 18/10/14, 10 AM

Done. You’re awesome! Note that the first leaderboard for the 2015 season after the ASGV Open 2014 will not be published here, but rather in a separate blog post. As we said, we’re still on 2014 time on the site.


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