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Welcome to the Dutch Student Masters 2014

The Dutch Student Masters 2014 is organized by the Eindhovense Studenten golfvereniging and takes place at BurgGolf Gendersteyn Veldhoven on May 24. Yes, that’s soon. Registration ends on Sunday. Yes, that’s even sooner.

SN14 Flyer

This is the second tourney on the Dutch circuit, the NSGG Open being the first. Eindhoven is about 65 kilometers to the southwest of Nijmegen, so check your preferred maps app to find out if this is maybe even closer to you than Nijmegen. Our guess is it’s worth the ride.

In addition to the regular tournament there will be a clinic and a nine hole tournament for those friends of you who have not yet encountered the greatest sport of them all. So make sure you let them know, register and bring them along.

The day closes with a big bbq in the clubhouse, followed by moving the party to the city of Eindhoven and watching Champions League on a big screen together. We’ve been told a beer or two will possibly be involved.

Team Eindhoven will even be able to offer a few sleeping places, so you don’t have to put a hotel in your budget.

We will not have a separate article if you want to carpool, so just follow the basic rules over here in this post, but leave your comments right below this very article here.

Since there is no tournament on the Unigolftour that day, we strongly suggest, hang on, let’s have that again in bold type, we strongly suggest you take this opportunity, register and have an awesome day playing collegiate golf in the Netherlands. You like that idea? Thought so. Hey, you’re a Unigolftourist, aren’t you.

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