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Leuphana, Roman, Till, Wilte lead after the NSGG Open 2014

The NSGG Open 2014 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, on April 5th has been a truly epic start into the sixth season of the Unigolftour. 110 golfers took part, about 30 of them came from Germany. For the first time we went over there to be their guest, and boy was it a blast. But before we dive into the stories that happened on and off course later this week, let’s have a look at the first results.


In the stroke play ranking Roman Barwinski (LEU) and Till Diatscheschen (HAW) take the lead with 39 points each. They are followed by Mart van Angelen (UVT) with 38 points, who is our first true Unigolftourist from the Netherlands here, so an extra special welcome to you, Mart! The third place is shared by team Ira Knopf and Xenia Knopf (both JMU) (who as of now will be referred to as die Knöpfe) and team Maximilian Riedel and Viet Long Truong (both ERN) with 37 points each.

For the Stableford ranking we suggest a round of applause for another first: meisjes, jongens, for the first time ever a Unigolftourist from the Netherlands takes the lead here. Wilte Debets (TUE) shoots to the top with 54 points, closely followed by Alex Ram (HAM) and Torge Hinz (HAW) with 53 points each. With 48 points each the third place is shared between Alexander Davits (RUN) and Mart van Angelen (UVT).

At the top of the university ranking it is once more the Leuphana University Lüneburg (LEU) that sets the pace with 357 points. Note here that except for the tournament on home turf, the Student Masters, in 2013 the Leuphana has only once played more points than this. This may in fact be indicative of a boost in attendance for the upcoming season, since Cologne walks the same route here. With 218 points the University Cologne (KOE) claims second place and a score that is higher than any two of their day scores from 2013 combined. Gefeliciteerd! However, the true winner here may well be the third place, the University for Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg with 168 points – since that is more than their overall result from 2013.

The next tournament on the Unigolftour is the Moritz Golf Cup in Greifswald on May 10th. Head to the application and more details over here and note that we will publish the carpool article shortly.

Stay tuned for more photos and stories from the NSGG Open later this week. In the meantime check out the 300 photos from the NSGG Open 2014 on their Facebook page.

See you in Greifswald!

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