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Saving points from the NSGG Open

Players of the NSGG Open 2014, register for the Unigolftour today and we will transfer your results from the tournament to the overall leaderboards for strokeplay points, Stableford points, university points. If you haven’t played the NSGG Open you can of course register as well, but let me tell you this and be very straight about it: You have missed out on an epic event.

NJ14 group picture

History book writers of the future, put down a save the date for Saturday, 5. April 2014 and reserve between 400 words and two entire volumes depending on your complexity on „epic collegiate golf“.

For the Unigolftour registration just go over here, fill out the form, passionately hit the Abschicken button and you’re in. If you register after Sunday, 6. April 2014 however, we will not transfer your points from the NSGG Open to the overall leaderboards.

Oh, and please note that you still have to register for each tournament that you want to play. Once a registration (Anmeldung) has opened, you will find a link to it on every tournament page:

Moritz Golf Cup
10. May 2014

Student Masters
2. to 3. June 2014

Uni-Golf-Cup TU Berlin
20. June 2014

Humboldt Invitational
11. July 2014

The Frankfurt Matches
7. August 2014

8. August 2014

Bergisch Student Open
15. August 2014

Cologne Campus Cup
6. to 7. October 2014

11. October 2014

If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any registration deadlines, just opt in for the newsletter (that we lovingly call Tourpost) in your Unigolftour registration. Whenever that says Anmeldung make sure to visit the corresponding tournament page for your tournament registration. We also recommend the Facebook page and group as well as Twitter to stay in touch.

And of course if you’re experiencing any trouble with that funny language of ours, please drop us a message (it’s name, email, message over there), we’re happy to help.

Hope to see loads of you fine people on the tour this year. And stay tuned for more text and pictures on the NSGG Open this week.

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