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The Unigolftour 2014 begins on Friday, 4. April, 21:00 at St. Anneke

You will love this place. It’s a very nice pub to begin with, but they also support the NSGG Open directly by providing some free beer and wine for the thirsty sportsmen. At St. Anneke, they truly understand the needs of a collegiate golfer. Come here during lunch and state that you are in fact a student fresh off the course, they don’t charge you more for your selected dish (as you may wrongfully expect due to your deplorable experiences back in Germany) – but less. How great’s that?

St. Anneke

St. Anneke, lush living room for those collegiate golfers of Nijmegen

So if you want to kick off the Unigolftour 2014 properly, make sure your ETA at St. Anneke, St.annastraat 55, 6524 EG Nijmegen, is something around 21:00 or so. This roughly translates into the following STD if traveling by car:

  • Greifswald 13:30
  • Berlin 14:30
  • Berlin 14:30
  • Chemnitz 14:30
  • Lüneburg 16:15
  • Frankfurt 17:15
  • Mainz 17:30
  • Wuppertal 19:15
  • Cologne 19:15

Check here if you wish to carpool, check here for details on the tourney.

More information on the tourney for registered players will follow by email, so please have an eye on that inbox during the day.

Unigolftourists, please stand, sing anything you like and join me in wishing us all the best season the Unigolftour has ever seen. Let the games begin, let us have loads of fun out there and let us play. Some. Gooolf!

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