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Good to know about the 2014 NSGG Open

Note that all post related to the NSGG Open are published in English only. This way our friends from the Netherlands can easily follow and share what we’re writing about the tournament. Plus it’s way easier to summarize what we – the NSGG and the Unigolftour – agree to, since we don’t need to translate it. With that settled, let’s get into some major details about the 2014 NSGG Open.


This will be the first scramble evs that we play on the Unigolftour and we are pretty excited about it. It is the fourth time that the NSGG Open takes place with this mode of play, and the players’ response has been all but fantastic about it yet. The tournament is in fact so popular (as is golf in general in the Netherlands) that we will possibly crack the 100-mark with the participants this year. Unigolftourists, be part of that! If you ever wanted to meet loads of new collegiate golfers in spectacularly short time, that’s the spot.

We therefore strongly recommend not to name a preferred playing partner for the scramble in your tournament registration. The agreement with the NSGG is to pair a Dutch player with a German player if nothing else is specified there. Use this opportunity to play with someone completely new to you (and learn about „noeken in de koeken“ and other funny Dutch stuff).

For the leaderboard we will simply transfer all the points played by the team to both of the two team players. If only one of the two players in the team is registered for the Unigolftour, we will only transfer the points for this player.

After the tournament we will hit downtown Nijmegen for an enjoyable evening in the lovely St. Anneke. This pub and the NSGG have a long standing and close relationship. So close that as a collegiate golfer you can even get lunch specials there. For the NSGG Open St. Anneke welcomes us with 40 litres of beer and five bottles of wine. There’s quite nothing like the international language of booze.

And now for the icing on the cake. Yes, there will be players quarters. One, to be more specific. It’ll be a very large room in a local dorm, large enough for up to 25 Unigolftourists. (And if that’s not enough the NSGG will tap into the local hospitality, and be assured, there’s no shortage of that.) So pack your sleeping bag and pad and prepare for the very best weekend abroad you ever had.

Check out the details here and put down 1. February 2014 in your calendar since that’s when the registration begins.

Meisje, jongens, this will be epic.

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Bernhard am 21.01.2014 um 09:43 Uhr:

Hi guys,
I’d be more than happy to be there and see all that live. You let me know if you need someone to take photos of that tournament, please.
Sounds like an event I should not dare to miss!
Cheers from Hamburg

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