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Cheers, Mates!

So Valentin has just returned from The Arden Qualifier, one of the two preceding tournaments for the Students Matchplay later this year. Okay, and let’s just be quite honest here, they’re not exactly going for the everyone-with-54-or-better-is-highly-welcome-approach that we embrace so thoroughly over here. I mean, just look at these tee times for example. If you based a game of bingo on that thing and found only one two-digit number on your little square-shaped matrix, you could just as well go home and consider yourself a loser.

However, as Valentin reports, those folks over there just happen to have a different approach to golf. It’s a little – well, let’s just put it this way – bigger over there. Remember the numbers we gave you for Sweden back in 2008? Well, Sweden’s clearly not the only country to outplay us in terms of popularity in golf.

But what we obviously do have in common with them pretty fantastic golfers over there is a certain sense of humour that is sort of foreign to people who have not been exposed to the subtle magic of exported German liquids. Or how else would you even try to explain the history of this picture?

The Arden Qualifier

Josh Newell (Leeds Met), Stu Harrison (Leeds Met), James Pearson (Students Matchplay), Ben Peckover (Leeds Met) will remain anonymous due to (a) a spectacular flyer in the face and (b) me not mentioning their names. Hang on – argh, sorry!

So, what have we learned on the show tonight, Craig? We’re all equal before the Jägermeister. Oh, and we can do spelling errors in all sorts of languages. Bring on the suggestions!

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